King's Crown

King's Crown
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Family: Melongenidae

Genus: Melongena
Species: M. corona
Scientific Name: 

Melongena corona

  The King's Crown shell (Melongena corona) is also known as the Florida Crown Conch.  Usually found among the mangroves of Florida and in oyster beds the shell grows up to 4" in length. The King's Crown tends to be more of a bay shell because of its habitat and is not usually found along the beach unless near an area where oyster bars and mangroves grow. Color form and spine structure can vary greatly from one area to the next.

Assortment of King's Crowns illustrating color variation.
  The spiny ornamentation from which it derives it's "crown" appearance varies from shell to shell with some being much smoother. Growing to a length of close to 5 inches, the King's Crown is generally a dark brown with cream to white irregular stripes or bands. 
  The spines can be from small to large in length and are arranged around the crest of the whorls.
  Considered a predator, the snail eats other mollusks, including scallops.

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